Agape Beads was birthed from a dream. The designer, Remi Alicia, was given the vision to create jewelry to inspire LOVE. She launched Agape Beads in January 2013 creating elegant, beautiful and fashionable jewelry for women and men.

The word AGAPE refers to a deeper sense of true LOVE; God's selfless, sacrificial, unconditional, supernatural LOVE. There is no other source of true LOVE but God's LOVE, which comes through Jesus Christ. All of Agape Beads' jewelry is inspired by and encourages LOVE. The charms are adorned with crosses, hearts, butterflies, wings, infinity symbols, and inspiring words like hope, dream, believe, peace, faith, joy, and of course LOVE and AGAPE.

Agape Beads' Greek inspired jewelry line is complemented by its merchandise line, which includes tees, Pashminas and hats.

Agape Beads supports various charitable and awareness organizations like breast cancer, Autism, Lupus, HIV/AIDS, mental health, Multiple-Sclerosis, and domestic violence.

 Put a Little LOVE on Your Wrist!